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at leisure, in time.

Quietly intentional, Openly dreamy.

the andromeda collection is a series of paintings crafted in opposition to the busyness of life, to remain open to whimsy, and to paint free-spirited, from the heart. Each work is made spontaneously and completed from start to end once the first stroke touches the canvas. 


My name is Christie

Akin to the creation of stars in the sky that appear from dust and pressure, painting has always been a form of expression and freedom. Much like a nova, the creation of the andromeda collection* burst forth in a way I could never imagine, capturing the intangibility of feelings, and beckons for rest. 

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Gallery & Works

All featured artworks are available for purchase unless stated. Please note that they do not include framing but do have a permanent coating on them.

While we do attempt to photograph all work with as much accuracy as possible, there may be minor inflections of color differentials due to differences in lighting. 

Purchases & Enquiries

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