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Crafting a

From colour alone, a universe can be derived. 

Deeply inspired by constellations and the open sky, I have always wanted to craft works that encapsulate a sense of whimsy and freedom for indulging in and capturing intangible feelings. Within a sense of small moments & quiet moments, all the artworks in the andromeda collection* are inherently romantic in nature. Reflecting on the way I see every slice of life, each painting houses a desire for introspection and contemplation and appreciation of the day-to-day. In every moment we may find sensations and experiences worthy of celebration and appreciation, even if it’s just the way sunlight filters through a window, or how the breeze catches a branch in the wind. 


Like stars in the sky - each artwork forms a kaleidoscope of moments in life.


Besides simple accents, all my paintings are derived from paints of purely red, blue, and yellow. They coalesce to form each painting - and no matter how similar one shade looks to another, you’ll never have the same colour combination mixed twice. Intentional in fluidity and spontaneity, each painting is crafted by feeling meticulously unplanned.

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